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In 2019 participants of Arctic field recording lab pierced through the multilayered rumbles of a warm-water Murmansk seaport and explored glazed metal, glass and concrete of the industrial areas under guidance of BJ Nilsen (NL/SE).

Moving from predictable harmonical and composition structures towards sound design, they created the series of scattered sound elements that grasped both definite polar Murmansk and an abstract mythological space, existing in the parallel Universe of northern territories.
BJ Nilsen
(Netherlands, Amsterdam)
BJ Nilsen (SE/NL) is a composer and sound artist based in Amsterdam. His work primarily focuses on the sounds of nature and how they affect humans. Recent work has explored the urban acoustic realm and industrial geography in the Arctic region of Norway and Russia. His original scores and soundtracks have featured in theatre, dance performances and film, in collaborations with Chris Watson, Gaspar Noé, Jóhann Jóhannsson and others.

Here you can see how the field recording lab was held last years, what was the main focus for participants, learn about the experts and the project results:
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