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The third release is an expedition to one tough fishering village on the Barents seashore February 3-5 2020.

Sounds of boundless Arctic expanses, industrial voices and whispering tundra on the windy edge of the Earth, in Teriberka. In 2020 international team of participants expand your understanding and awareness of sounds that are constantly surrounding us, listen to the multilayered snow masses or record daily life of the small settlement facing of the Arctic Ocean.
Gleb Glonti
(Russia, Moscow)
Sound artist, curator, general producer of Kotä company and Experimental Music and Art (EMA) Expo
Gleb has participated in GAMMA festival and fund V-A-С projects, produced joined projects with Moscow museum of modern art (ММОМА), Swiss culture fund Pro Helvetia.
Slava Krasnov
(Russia, Murmansk)
Musician, traveller, author of electroacoustic project Jasnazima
The author of electroacoustic project Jasnazima. He mainly works with field recordings, sound landscapes performed by bass guitar and original samples to describe the atmosphere of winter serenity.
Here you can see how the field recording lab was held last years, what was the main focus for participants, learn about the experts and the project results:
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