LAB 2021
Three-day art expedition to Kola Peninsula for artists,
musicians and sound researchers
A sound research, arctic adventure
or international art project?
Field recording lab is a three-day art expedition which researches the sound landscapes above the Polar circle
The main locations are two industrial monotowns Apatity and Kirovsk which are situated at the bottom of the monumental mountain chain of the Kola Peninsula – the Khibiny mountains.

The project is going to take place at the unique time when the daylight is endlessly extended and the sun is on the horizon for 24 hours.

Field recording lab is the final stage of the international research project Murmansk Prospekt where artists from Russia and the Netherlands are exploring the Northern soviet heritage and the features of the Arctic urban territories.

Field recording lab participants are going to work over the individual and group projects curated by the experts to present the results of the lab in the form of installation on Inversia festival 2022
2 towns
Apatity and Kirovsk – the Polar scientific center and a monotown are presented as a recreation area
2 experts
A sound artist and a filmmaker – locations insights and multiple options of project development
8 participants
The emerging and professional artists working with sound as the main artistic medium
3 days
The endless Polar day for the extensive immersion into the individual and group work, field recordings and materials analysis
Group meeting in Apatity
You can reach Apatity by the direct flight or by train from Moscow or Saint-Petersburg. You will be met by the project coordinator who will follow you the next few days
Transfer and accommodation in Kirovsk
The distance from Apatity to Kirovsk is 13 km and many residents of both towns are driving in between to work or rest. But still these towns have their own distinctive features
Day 1. The working sessions
The work starts from the acquaintance with participants, the introduction lecture and immersion into the details of Murmansk Prospekt project. Then it follows the research of both towns locations and development of potential projects
Day 2. The working sessions
Here the main focus is on the field work – listening of the northern industrial heritage, catching the inaudible sounds of anthropogenic objects and mix it with the transcendent landscape of the Khibiny massif. Participants are working individually or in groups
Day 3. The working sessions continue
Continue field recordings and analyse the collected materials for the further work. Summing up the interim results and get ready to online work individually or in groups
Transfer to Apatity
Participants come back home for the further work with materials and development of the final projects curated by the experts of the lab
Engineer, sound-artist, constructor of musical instruments
The author of sound installations and performances, focusing on the experimental electronic and sound art. Curator of various concert programmes, installations and educational projects.

Boris is actively working with the live-electronics and electroacoustic improvisations both individually and in collaboration with the Russian and foreign musicians.

(Russia, Murmansk)
Experimental filmmaker
Visual artist working with archives and moving images. The author Uncapitals manifesto – a series of art expeditions to the remote locations of the European North, and also a coordinator of Fridaymilk educational laboratories.

As an artist and curator 1999Q is researching the social and cultural aspects of life in the Far North regions, the idea of new Northern identity and aspects of migration processes of the Arctic territories.
The organisers of laboratory
An independent project and curatorial group in the sphere of culture and media, created above the Polar Circle. Fridaymilk team is realising projects in the sphere of culture and developing the alternative forms of education, creating the original media and art content and also is actively collaborating with Russian and international cultural institutions and organisations
Sonic Acts is a curatorial organisation and festival from the Netherlands, representing the artistic research projects on the verge of technologies, scientific theories and art. Besides the festival Sonic Acts team is curating the cross-disciplinary art projects, working on the artistic research and producing the commission works
Here you can see how Field recording lab was held last years, what was the main focus for participants, learn about the experts and the project results
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